The Dark Realities Around A Loved One’s Hoarding Problem

Hoarding is a serious condition that affects families and their loved ones drastically. While hoarding is often depicted as an extreme accumulation of personal belongings, there is a darker side to hoarding that many do not understand. A compulsive hoarding problem comes with serious health and safety ramifications, requiring detailed hoarding cleanup services.

As a result, contacting a hoarding cleanup service is the best way to protect everyone’s well-being. With Georgia Clean’s hoarding cleanup services, we promise fast, reliable, and discreet services for all your cleanup needs. Let us help your loved one recover and reclaim their lives today! Just visit our website to learn more, or reach out for a free consultation anytime.

Hoarding Cleanup: Clutter & Fire Hazards

One of the dark realities of hoarding is how dangerous it can be due to excessive clutter and contamination of all kinds. The clutter alone poses a serious fire hazard concern. Even smaller hoards can clutter walkways and block fire safety exits. In some extreme cases, there is only one entrance to and from a hoarder’s home, and often it is not easily navigated. 

What increases the risk of fires in a hoarding home is the accumulation of excess goods that can easily ignite and spread fires. Many homeowners who have serious hoarding issues do not have access to running water, which drives up the danger of a sudden fire. When you consider all these factors together, hoarding homes are in a high-risk category for serious fire hazards that can put your loved ones at risk. 

Hoarding Cleanup: Biohazards and Bodily Fluids

Additionally, many hoarding homes are contaminated with biohazards and bodily fluids. Since many hoarding homes do not have proper plumbing or running water, human waste contamination is a major concern. Furthermore, animal waste, chemical residue, rodent and insect invasions, and so much more put hoarders in danger every day. 

Georgia Clean Services 

As the loved one of someone suffering from compulsive hoarding, these darker realities can be troubling. You can support your loved one with a hoarding cleanup service from Georgia Clean. When you give us a call, we act with compassion and discretion to help your entire family cope and heal. Let us help you safely remove clutter, objects contaminated with human bodily fluids, and other biohazards today! 

Georgia Clean is just a phone call away if you require hoarding cleanup services. With a 24/7 response time, you can reach us at 770-464-5207 anytime. Covered by insurance, licensed and bonded, and here to help today, you can count on Georgia Clean.