The Ins and Outs of Cleaning up a Recent Death Scene

Cleaning up a site where death has occurred is not something that should be done by everyday citizens. Professional cleanup services are important to ensure the health and safety of everyone who might encounter the property in the future. Luckily, most people will never require these services. However, if you find yourself on-site where a dead body was located, Georgia Clean is here to help. We serve the Atlanta, Georgia region with dead body and other biohazard cleaning services. Learn more on our website today, or connect with us to get started with any of our services. In the meantime, here are the ins and outs of cleaning up a recent death scene from Georgia Clean. 

Work with Law Enforcement Professionals

First, Georgia Clean works with local law enforcement and funeral home partners during the initial stages of body cleanup. Sometimes law enforcement is required, especially if a homicide or other crime was involved. After their investigation, we work with funeral homes to help families begin the process of remembering their loved ones. Then we can step in to begin the cleaning process, with discretion and respect at the forefront of what we do. We also use unmarked vans and uniforms during our cleaning visit.  

Clean up the Initial Surface-Level Hazards

Next, we begin our cleaning process by cleaning the surface level of present hazards. This might include blood spills, bodily fluids, feces and urine, etc. Any biohazard could be present at a dead body cleanup scene depending on what occurred. Also, the amount of time the body was undetected can make a scene require more in-depth cleaning procedures. 

Dead Body Cleanup and Deep Clean

Finally, we begin deep cleaning measures. For instance, a blood spill can appear to have affected only the surface of flooring in a residence, when in fact it is a much larger issue. Blood spills and other bodily fluids quickly seep into everything nearby. Splatter is another issue that can reach as high as ceilings and seep into porous surfaces. 

Our job at Georgia Clean is to clean the surface and then get deep into every part of a property to eliminate any remaining biohazards. We wear PPE such as hazmat suits, safety goggles, gloves, and masks to ensure everyone is safe during this process. This also ensures that no remaining particles or biohazards are transferred to other regions of the property. 

Contact Georgia Clean for Dead Body Cleanup

Nobody wants to think about the sudden loss of a loved one requiring dead body cleanup services. However, the reality is sometimes our services are required, and luckily, we know how to help quickly. Our fast, efficient, and respectful services bring peace of mind and dignity to dead body cleanup scenes. Let Georgia Clean’s expert team help with fast and affordable services. Contact us today by calling 770-766-9457 to learn more.