The Many Benefits of Electrostatic Disinfection

There are many benefits of having a professional electrostatic disinfection service this year. While not everyone will require electrostatic disinfection services to thoroughly eliminate biohazards from their property, it is a viable way to tackle many hazards. Georgia Clean has been serving Atlanta and surrounding areas in Georgia with reliable disinfection services for over 20 years with the latest and most cutting-edge developments in disinfection services. We are happy to offer our residential and commercial clients electrostatic disinfection services for a cleaner environment. This can disinfect your home from harmful particles, viruses, bacteria, and pollutants. Learn more by visiting our website to begin your free consultation process. Here are some of the many benefits of electrostatic disinfection to consider. 

Combat Everyday Illnesses with Electrostatic Disinfection

The common cold and flu viruses aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, which means it’s best to be prepared. Our disinfection methods can kill these viruses on contact by using industrial sprayers to coat surfaces thoroughly. In places of business, especially larger and more open areas, electrostatic disinfection is also the best way to put everyday illnesses to rest for good. 

Disinfect Faster & More Thoroughly 

Second, electrostatic disinfection is better than other disinfection methods because it can disinfect a larger area faster. Furthermore, it goes in deeper, blasting surfaces in their pores and fibers. This doesn’t mean that everyday disinfectants and cleaning protocols are a bad idea; it simply means that using electrostatic measures is best for business settings, larger areas, or after severe illness has occurred. Given the continuation of the Covid-19 virus, electrostatic methods are something every household and business should consider doing regularly. 

Improve Air Quality 

Finally, electrostatic disinfection not only kills viruses and bacteria on surfaces on your property; it can also improve overall air quality. When it comes to the air you breathe, hazardous particles are constantly on the prowl. One way to reduce them is to regularly clean your home of dust and dirt. Another way is to invest in specialized home air purification services. However, a deep disinfecting service visit can eliminate particles before they begin circulating throughout your property. With better air quality, you might notice improved breathing, fewer allergies, or improvement in other health conditions.

Contact Georgia Clean For Electrostatic Disinfection Services 

Georgia Clean prides itself on all of our home cleaning and maintenance services. We offer services across the Atlanta area to local businesses. For over 20 years, we have honed our skills in disinfecting properties for optimal health. Now, we offer electrostatic disinfection service using specialized industrial sprayers that target bacteria and viruses fast. Learn more by visiting our website or calling us at 770-464-5207 to set up a free consultation.