Urine and Feces Pose Many Threats: Here Are a Few

Urine and feces pose numerous threats when they are present on your property. Both commercial and residential properties can become contaminated with urine and feces from animals and humans alike. Many circumstances can lead to the build-up of these contaminants, including biohazards and pathogens. From pets to young children, no matter what causes feces and urine contamination, proper cleaning measures are necessary. That’s where our professional urine and feces cleaning services can help property owners across Atlanta and surrounding areas here at Georgia Clean. 

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Here are just a few of the many threats that feces and urine contaminants can pose in your home. 

Biohazards and Pathogens on Surfaces and in the Air 

Biohazards and pathogens are quickly introduced into any environment that is contaminated with urine and feces. Pathogens and biohazards of all kinds can pose numerous threats to your health and well-being. For example, pet accidents can introduce these hazards into surfaces in your home, such as carpeting, walls, and subflooring. When this occurs, proper removal is needed to reduce the chances of sickness. Urine and feces spread diseases and pathogens through transmission from surface to surface, as well as in the air you breathe. Even with a good air filtration system in place, these pathogens can still circulate to every area of your home or business and pose health risks.  

Long-Term Odor Issues

Another concern with urine and feces on your property is long-term property damage and odor issues. With proper cleaning of urine and feces, odor problems can be history. Urine and feces cleaning services from Georgia Clean work on multiple levels and in-depth to ensure that urine and feces are removed not only on the surface, but deeper down as well. These measures help to stop pollutants and residue from causing long-term odors that require further treatment. This can save you more money in the long run and avoid persistent pet odors. 

Replacement of Surfaces in Your Home

Finally, it’s inconvenient to have to replace belongings or surfaces in your home, such as carpeting, due to urine and feces. With proper urine and feces cleaning services, however, you don’t have to spend thousands on these replacements.  

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