What Georgia Clean Offers Crime Scene Investigators

When a crime scene occurs, many critical steps must be taken. First of all, there is the challenging investigation of discovering what happened at the scene. Second, there is the emotional struggle of dealing with the loved ones of the person or people killed in the incident. Finally, there is the necessity of scene clean-up. 

Georgia Clean can help with fast and reliable crime scene clean-up service across Atlanta and surrounded areas. We can partner with crime scene investigators and make their job more accessible, and help families remove biohazards after a traumatic event. While a crime scene is an emotionally charged place, it is still critical to solve the crime and remove potential health and safety issues as soon as possible. Here is what Georgia Clean offers crime scene investigators!

Crime Scene Clean-Up Services

When a crime occurs, you will need crime scene clean-up services. Typical crime scenes include suicide, murder, car accident, or another traumatic event. In each of these instances, many biohazards can be present. Georgia Clean offers crime scene clean-up services and partners with crime scene investigators to bring compassion to every scene we handle. 

What Makes Georgia Clean Stand Out From the Competition?

Georgia Clean has streamlined our crime scene clean-up service to better aid scene investigators. However, we understand each case is different, so we always gather the necessary information before we begin our cleaning. Our highly trained staff is always mindful of your situation and uses industry-proven best practices. We never leave a crime scene without properly disinfecting, deodorizing, and cleaning all remnants of the incident. We can even work with clients and their insurance companies to expedite the claims process. 

Services We Offer

Numerous crime scenes might require investigation and crime scene clean-up teams to work together. Our role is to handle the clean-up so your crime scene investigation team can gather information needed to solve the crime. We handle biohazards of all types, including blood spills and hemorrhage clean-up, and we also deal with methamphetamine lab clean-ups. 

Blood spills require specific products to remove bloodborne pathogens and biohazards. Blood spills can occur with several traumatic events, including murders, suicide, stabbings, and assault. We will remove bacteria, clean up bodily fluids, and ensure that the property is entirely sanitized!

Our meth lab clean-up services help remove risks for others on the property, including landlords and families nearby. We release volatile substances the right way, clean walls to remove toxic residue from HVAC systems, and remove any traces of meth hazards from homes. 

Additionally, we offer crime scene investigators these services when the scene is ready for cleaning: 

  • Fingerprint powder
  • Chemicals used to gather evidence
  • Fire extinguisher residue
  • Pepper spray residue
  • Tear gas residue

Contact Us Today for Crime Scene Clean-up 

Whether you are the recent victim of a crime, the family member of a crime victim, or a crime scene investigator, we can help. Georgia Clean offers 24/7 emergency services for crime scene clean-up across the Atlanta area. If you have questions, you can always contact us at 770-464-5207. In addition, we are covered by insurance, licensed and bonded, and here to help today. You can count on Georgia Clean anytime.