What Georgia Clean Offers Insurance Companies

Unfortunately, traumatic experiences – like the loss of a loved one, a suicide in the family, or a violent car accident – occur every day across the Atlanta, GA community. It can be challenging for those involved in the events to focus on the clean-up and financial aspects of recent tragedies. However, reliable biohazard clean-up and insurance protocols are another critical part of the healing and grieving process. To help expedite these matters, Georgia Clean has many insurance company partners who help us provide the highest quality of care. 

We offer clients comprehensive remediation and biohazard clean-up services for both commercial and residential settings. We work with your customer to help them on their road to recovery in every way possible. Here is what Georgia Clean offers our numerous insurance company partners. 

Our Insurance Company Partners

At Georgia Clean, we understand that victims of traumatic experiences might be recovering from an array of incidents involving different types of insurance claims. Therefore, we partner with insurance companies of all kinds to help you receive fair prices throughout your remediation process. Due to our unique pricing structure have established partnerships with multiple insurance companies, including auto carriers, renter insurance companies, homeowners insurance companies, and even commercial insurance entities. 

Our Streamlined Insurance Company Partners’ Process

Our Georgia Clean insurance companies’ partners’ process is streamlined to make working with us a breeze. After you have received the necessary information from your customer, you can hand the reins over to us. We will help document the scene and provide local remediation services that will return the property to its former state. We even help you facilitate the filing process by establishing the trauma scene for your company. Furthermore, our pricing makes it simple for insurance company partners to cover costs associated with home remediations, such as temporary lodgings and transportation. 

Areas of Services We Handle 

At Georgia Clean, we specialize in numerous hazardous situations. Some of the most common cleaning services we provide include death clean-up, suicide clean-up, crime scene clean-up, hoarding cleanouts, and bodily fluid clean-ups. For a comprehensive glance at every service we offer, visit our website today!

Why Choose Us?

You might be wondering why you should reach out to us for an insurance company partnership. The answer is simple. We have the experience needed for biohazard clean-up. Most preferred companies, such as ServiceMaster or Belfor list, biohazard clean-up as a service they offer. However, they usually have little to no experience with actual hazardous scenes. At Georgia Clean, biohazard clean-up is at the heart of what we do. We help keep your customers safe with years of expertise under our belts. Choose us because we put your customers first every time at every stage.

Contact Us Today for Trauma Cleaning Services

If your insurance company is looking for a trusted partnership with one of the nation’s leading biohazard companies, then reach out to Georgia Clean. We even offer 24/7 imagery service, because we know that biohazards can happen at any time of day. We are just a phone call away at 770-464-5207. You can also learn more about how we can help your insurance company by visiting our website.