What a Meth Lab Is & How to Report Them

There are signs that point to the possibility of a meth lab. When one is discovered, meth lab cleaning services are helpful. Providers come in discreetly and thoroughly clean up the area to return it to a safe place.

It’s a good idea to understand the signs, as well as to know just what a meth lab is. And when you suspect one, learn how to report it right away.

What is a Meth Lab?

A meth lab is a location that is used to mix together chemicals and other items to create methamphetamine. The lab itself is very dangerous, and it’s not uncommon for explosions to occur. In addition, the items being used are also hazardous.

The result when a lab is discovered is contamination from the chemicals, as well as any produced drugs in the lab. There are super labs out there that produce large quantities of meth.

There are also many times when smaller operations are set up. This can be in a shed, outbuilding, or even in someone’s home. These operations produce at a lower level, but are often incredibly dangerous as well.

In the United States, there are hundreds of meth labs confiscated each year. There are even more discovered in other ways.

Signs There May Be a Meth Lab

It’s not always clear to outsiders when a meth lab is present. Trained professionals may recognize the indications. However, there are signs that you can look for to potentially pinpoint a meth lab’s location.

These are the most common indicators:

  • Chemical odors such as ammonia, acetone, or ether that don’t go away
  • Chemical waste and dumping evidence
  • Visitors coming and going at unusual times
  • Unusual security practices
  • Blacked-out or foiled windows
  • Excessive trash with items such as chemical containers, duct tape, coffee filters, and red-stained cloth

It is possible for people to have some of these things and there not be a meth lab. But if these signs add up, it’s certainly something to consider.

How to Report a Meth Lab

If you know of or suspect meth lab activity, do not confront the property owner on your own. Every state has protocols in place to report suspicious activity or known meth labs. Businesses also have procedures to follow if they notice unusual signs.

The best place to start is reporting to your local authorities when you suspect something. Authorities and first responders are trained in properly handling these situations and reporting them to the proper agency.

Be prepared to provide law enforcement with as much information as possible for your suspicions, but remember: do not confront people on your own.

In addition, you can also send tips and reports to government drug enforcement agencies.

Meth Lab Cleaning Services

Once a meth lab has been discovered and the proper steps and reporting followed, meth lab cleaning services will be needed. Use a professional with training and specialized equipment to safely and discreetly help with this process. At Georgia Clean, we can handle your cleaning needs with discretion and professionalism.