What to Do When You Suffer an Unexpected Loss

Losing a loved one is hard enough, but it can be even more difficult to process when it happens unexpectedly. Whether due to natural causes, hidden health issues, or a traumatic event, the loss of a loved one results in a sudden need for funeral plans and death clean-up services. 

Georgia Clean can help make this difficult time less stressful for you with reliable death clean-up services across Atlanta and surrounding regions of Georgia. We provide fast, respectful, and discreet services that leave the scene clean and sanitized. We even partner with local funeral homes and insurance companies to streamline the process. Here is what you should do when you suffer from the unexpected loss of someone close to you. 

Beware of Biohazards for Death Clean-Up

When someone passes away, even if it’s from natural causes, biohazards are present at the scene. There is an even higher risk of biohazards in more traumatic cases, such as suicide, homicide, or deadly car accidents. Common biohazards present at the scene of death include blood-borne pathogens, bodily fluids, and hazardous signs of decomposition in the end. Always be aware of potential biohazards at the scene of a death. Even after the body has been removed, biohazards are still present and could be on multiple surfaces. 

Don’t Attempt to Clean the Scene Yourself

Never attempt to clean a death site by yourself. It is impossible to properly remove all biohazards present without the right hazmat gear, state-of-the-art sanitation methods and equipment, and proper training. While it may seem straightforward, only a trained death clean-up team can properly clean AND sanitize the area. Contact Georgia Clean for more information about why cleaning a traumatic scene by yourself can be potentially harmful. 

Make Funeral Arrangements

Next, you can begin making funeral arrangements while you leave the death clean-up to the professionals. Making funeral arrangements with those close to you is a great way to honor the loss of your loved one. Following their last wishes can bring you closer to them even after they have passed, and can give you a space to grieve. 

Hire Death Clean-Up Services

You must take the critical step of ensuring your health and safety. Georgia Clean offers a comprehensive death clean-up service. We clean your home deeper than just the surface level. Georgia Clean disinfects every aspect of the death site. We know that bodily fluids can leach into carpeting and subflooring, ruin walls, and destroy furniture, so we conduct a thorough inspection, cleaning, and sanitation procedure to ensure the site is safe to re-enter after our services. 

Contact Us!

You don’t have to face the unexpected loss of a loved one alone. You can handle respectful general services and mourning without worrying about death clean-up scenes with Georgia Clean. We take care of all the cleaning, sanitizing and restoration needs. Contact us today by calling 770-766-9457 to learn more.