What To Do When Your Business Becomes a Crime Scene

Unfortunately, any place can become the scene of a crime. This means your place of business could become a scene requiring professional crime scene services fast. When this happens, it’s best to focus on calling the experts and acting fast to protect those involved and the reputation of your business. Georgia Clean can help with fast and reliable crime scene services throughout Atlanta and surrounding regions. Our service helps business owners deal with the aftermath of crimes on their property, including the emotional stress and physical clean-up. Learn more about us by visiting our website today. Here is what you should do when your business becomes a crime scene.

Remain Calm and Call Emergency Services

Crime scenes can get chaotic, emotional, and scary. However, it’s best to remain calm and focus on getting everyone at the scene to safety. In this situation, every minute can make a difference in someone’s life, so calling emergency services immediately is wise. The police, medical professionals, and fire personnel might all be required depending on the nature of the crime scene. Keep everyone calm if the incident has occurred when customers are present at your place of business. Emergency officials might need to speak with individuals if they are witnesses. 

Contact Crime Scene Services

Next, you will want to contact Georgia Clean for crime scene services. We can help to clean up the crime scene after the investigation is complete. We have experience with all types of crime scenes, including suicides, murders, car crashes, and other traumatic events. Regardless of the nature of the event, we can remove debris, eliminate biohazards, and leave your business sanitized. We complete every service with compassion and the highest levels of discretion. At Georgia Clean, we always use unmarked vehicles and plain protective gear to protect your privacy. 

Find the Services You Need

Finally, Georgia Clean can help you figure out which services your business might require in the aftermath. We will work with investigators to learn the nature of the crime and applicable details. Next, we will gather the right equipment and cleaning solutions to begin cleaning the affected region. We can provide blood spill clean-up, drug clean-up, chemical spill clean-up, fingerprint recourse, pepper spray residue removal, and tear gas clean-up. 

Contact Georgia Clean Today

Whether it’s home or work, any place can become a crime scene that requires professional cleaning services. If this happens to your place of business, stay calm, call emergency personnel, and then call Georgia Clean. We can provide 24/7 emergency services for crime scene clean-up across the Atlanta area. If you have questions, you can always contact us at 770-464-5207. We are covered by insurance, licensed, and bonded, and here to help today. You can count on Georgia Clean anytime.