When You Need Vehicle Recovery Services

Our cars are the way we get around, connect with others, and they even help us complete our jobs. However, a vehicle can also be a place of trauma, sadness, and tragedy. Car accidents can happen at the scene of a suicide, homicides, or completely by accident. Regardless of the situation, when a traumatic car-related incident occurs, vehicle recovery services are a priority. 

Georgia Clean can help with compassionate, confidential, and comprehensive vehicle recovery services across Atlanta, Georgia, and surrounding regions. Learn more about how we can help by visiting our website today. Here is when you might need vehicle recovery services from Georgia Clean.

Intro to Vehicle Recovery Services

Vehicle recovery services can help with more than just your car. Any vehicle might require these comprehensive services, including trucks, boats, cars, and planes. After the scene of a traumatic event, a vehicle recovery team will remove contamination from biohazards such as vomit, blood, feces, urine, and other bodily fluids. During the process, the affected vehicle will be decontaminated, biohazards will be removed, and odors eliminated. A detailed cleaning and deep sanitization inspection are always conducted by Georgia Clean at the end of every recovery process.

A Car Accident 

A car accident can be dangerous and deadly. Car accidents often happen without warning, giving drivers only a few split seconds to react. The aftermath of a car accident, especially a fatal one, can be traumatic and hazardous. Many biohazards are likely to present from blood to urine and other bodily fluids. Plus, vehicles that have recently been in a car accident might be damaged to the extent that other hazards are present, such as sharp metal or damaged airbags. Therefore, it’s always best to leave vehicle recovery protocols to the professionals to avoid further harm after an accident. 

Semi-Truck Incidents

Semi-truck accidents can be even more catastrophic because of the sheer size of these vehicles. Cleaning and properly decontaminating a semi-truck site takes years of experience, the right tools, and proper training. We drug-screen every employee we have and ensure they have the right protective gear before sending them out to work. We offer detailed semi-truck vehicle recovery for accidents involving trucks.  

Crime Scene Cleanup for Vehicles

Any vehicle can become the scene of a crime. Taxis and buses especially are at risk since they offer public transport. If a crime occurs on the premises of a vehicle, recovery services are even more essential for daily operations. Trust Georgia Clean when a crime has been committed in your public transport or private vehicle. 

Decontamination for First Responder Vehicles

First responder vehicles, such as ambulances, patrol cars, and other emergency vehicles, can become easily contaminated. Therefore, it is critical for the health and safety of first responders and patients to invest in reliable vehicle recovery procedures. Georgia Clean works with police departments, law enforcement agencies, and hospitals to provide expert and efficient first responder vehicle recovery services. We adhere to strict OSHA regulations, so you can rest assured you are getting the highest quality of service every time.

Contact Georgia Clean for Vehicle Recovery Services

Georgia Clean can help with all your vehicle recovery needs. We use unmarked clothing and vans for the highest levels of discretion and can come to you 24/7 for emergency services. The majority of our services end up with no out-of-pocket cost, and we can work with your insurance providers.  Contact Georgia Clean today for a hassle-free consultation or to schedule an appointment by calling us at 770-629-0786.