Who Cleans Up Blood Off Tile in Marietta?

Who cleans up blood off tile in Marietta is going to depend on your circumstance. If it’s your blood in your own home and it’s a small amount you may feel comfortable just cleaning the blood up yourself.  However, if there are known bloodborne pathogens, or you are unsure if the blood contains any sort of pathogen, it can infect you or others that enter the impacted space. You should ALWAYS call a biohazard cleanup company. They will do the blood cleanup to ensure everyone’s safety and to protect yourself from liability.

Marietta Blood Cleanup in a Home or Business

The severity of a blood spill in your home may be a factor in whether you decide to clean up the blood yourself or not. If the blood spill happens in a business, then it is always best to call a professional blood cleanup company to ensure the safety or yourself and others as well as protecting yourself against liability.

Blood Cleanup on Tile

When the blood is restricted to the hard surface of the tile in a Marietta home or business, it can be cleaned and decontaminated quite easily using an appropriate decontaminate.  Blood is a biohazard and can’t be discarded in the regular trash.  It must be put in bio bags and discarded appropriately as provided for by law.

Blood Cleanup on Grout

Sometimes grout has a sealant where blood remains on the top and does not seep through.  This can be cleaned and decontaminated just like the hard surface of the tile.  If the blood has penetrated the grout, it may be necessary to extract or scrape the grout out. It helps us to ensure that the blood has been removed.

Blood Cleanup on the Subfloor

In some cases where there has been a large blood spill, the blood goes through the grout and underneath the tile onto the subfloor.  In these instances, we need to remove the grout and tile, also to clean and decontaminate the subfloor.

Need Help Cleaning Blood Off Grout and Tile in Marietta?

Needing professional blood cleanup can be a private and difficult time. However, if you need help cleaning blood off of tile and grout in Marietta, give us a call at Georgia Clean. Our seasoned experts have the experience to manage these types of situations with the highest level of quality service.

At Georgia Clean, we uphold the highest standards of blood cleanup. Our experts will be in and around your home or business. We make sure our professionals are of the highest moral quality. Also, we require all of our employees to pass a strenuous background check. Moreover, we run a  pre-employment drug screen so you can be confident the highest caliber of people are serving you.

Give us a call today, 24/7, by calling 770-766-4562, or by filling out our online contact form. With Georgia Clean, you never have to wait for a solution.