Who Does Suicide Cleanup in Atlanta?

When a loved one decides to end their own life, the pain of their loss is immense. Not only are you left walking through your grief but if you own the property where they died or are in charge of the person’s estate, you also have to deal with cleaning up the physical mess left behind. Where do you turn in such a time? Cleaning up bodily fluids after a suicide can be extremely dangerous and takes a specialized skill set. In Atlanta, Georgia Clean is the go-to company for suicide cleanup.

Georgia Clean is Here to Help

Here in Atlanta, Georgia Clean is the trusted biohazard cleanup team ready 24/7 to address the suicide cleanup. Our experienced and compassionate staff will always respond right away to any property in the greater Atlanta area. Knowing this is a sensitive time for all involved, we respect your privacy and arrive in a nondescript vehicle with plain uniforms, getting right to work cleaning and restoring the area so you can begin the process of recovery.

How Much Does the Suicide Cleanup Cost?

Suicide cleanup is often covered under your homeowner’s insurance. Our staff at Georgia Clean can help you open a claim with your insurance company and file all the paperwork. We never ask for an initial payment. In most cases, your homeowner’s insurance will cover the entire cost of the cleanup less your deductible.

How Soon Can You Get Here?

Local to the Atlanta area, we are able to dispatch a crew quickly to your location. We prioritize these situations and we want to make sure that your evironment is both physically and mentally safe to return to.


Do you have any questions about our services or suicide cleanup? We’re here to help and will always be happy to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call any time of day, 24-7, at 770-766-4562 and our experienced team will be happy to help.