Who is Responsible for Cleaning Up After a Crime Scene?

What do you do when you have been the victim of a violent crime or a crime has taken place on your property? First, the police write their reports and the investigators talk to all the witnesses.  What is left is a scene full of blood, drugs, chemicals, or other bodily fluids with no one else to handle it but you, the property owner.

We would prefer the police to handle the cleanup as well as the investigation. However, the person responsible for cleaning up the aftermath of a crime scene is whomever owns the property. Whether it’s a home, business, or government land, none of us ever expect to be faced with the horrible aftermath and emotional trauma that a crime scene can entail.

Can I Have Someone Else Clean the Crime Scene?

Unless you are specifically trained to clean up bio hazardous material and have the proper permits to dispose of the resulting medical waste, it is always best to leave crime scene cleanup to the professionals. Only an experienced company with in-depth knowledge of the latest biohazard cleanup techniques should enter the crime scene area.

Do not leave this task to friends, family members, employees, or a regular cleaning company. Not only do they not have the skills required to thoroughly clean and disinfect the entire infected area, but you will be held liable for any related health issues they experience (not to mention the ensuing emotional trauma).

A profession crime scene cleanup company such as Georgia Clean not only has staff with specialized training. We know everything to look for and how to clean it up.  We also have professional-grade cleaners and equipment to make ourselves and an area truly safe. Don’t risk yourself, your loved ones, or employees. Allow the experts to handle it so you and your loved ones can have confidence and peace of mind that the scene will be safe for everyone to use.

How do I pay for needed cleanup?

There are ways to pay for the needed cleanup on your property you may not have thought of:

  • Homeowner’s Insurance: Most insurance companies will cover the cost to cleanup. They will remediate your home after a crime has taken place. However, most people don’t know about this benefit. Call your insurance adjuster to clarify what your policy does and does not cover. Here at Georgia Clean, we have years of experience working directly with insurance companies. Moreover, we are happy to submit the claim on your behalf.
  • Crime Victim’s Compensation: Here in Georgia, we have the Georgia Crime Victim’s Compensation Program. Created by the Georgia General Assembly in 1988, they assist victims with expenses incurred as a result of a violent crime and encourage victims to participate in the criminal justice system. Covered expenses can include medical bills, funeral expenses, mental health counseling, loss of income or support, and crime scene cleanup.

Call Us if You Have Any Questions

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If you are the victim of a crime, both the Georgia Crime Victims Advocacy Council and Atlanta Victim Assistance are eager to help you.