Funeral Homes

As a funeral home, families rely on your expert services in their time of grief and need. We understand this dynamic and seek to serve them just as you would to provide comprehensive and discreet cleanup following an undiscovered death or situations involving blood and body fluids.

Georgia Clean focuses on providing compassionate biohazard remediation services and waste removal to families in their time of need. We specialize in providing fast and effective solutions to help families begin the healing process. Due to our fast response times and around-the-clock availability, we are the preferred vendor for funeral homes throughout Metro Atlanta and Georgia.

Funeral Home Preferred Crime Scene Remediation and Biohazard Removal

We are the preferred vendor for many funeral homes across Metro Atlanta and Georgia. Georgia Clean has gained an in-depth level of understanding concerning the needs of funeral homes and the families they serve. After the Medical Examiner or Coroner has given approval, we remove the body. Our professionals will carefully provide expert cleaning and decontamination services. We will clean the area and ensure no traces of blood or bodily fluids are left on carpets, furniture, or anywhere else. After we clean the home, there will be no evidence that the traumatic event ever occurred.

Highly Trained, Bonded, and Insured Professionals

Our professionals are highly trained and always use industry-best practices. Regardless of the situation, we will always approach each situation with respect, dignity, and a heightened sense of discretion. All of our practices are compliant with the OSHA Engineering, Work Practice, and Administrative Controls required to complete the task. Georgia Clean is fully accredited, bonded, insured, and brings a wealth of experience to each scene. Our goal is to always provide a comprehensive service and remove all traces of the incident.

24/7 Emergency Trauma Remediation Services

Due to the unpredictable timing of traumatic events, Georgia Clean provides emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer around-the-clock assistance and use state of the art procedures. Our professionals are able to quickly respond to most calls. Our response time is within an hour in Metro Atlanta and Georgia, regardless of the time. We are always available to provide expert remediation services and bio-hazardous waste removal, so the family can begin the process of recovery.

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As your choice trauma scene provider, we will always provide fast, discreet, service 24/7. If one of the families serviced by your funeral home needs remediation, trust the experienced professionals at Georgia Clean to provide the most viable and efficient solution.

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